Increase Meeting Productivity With These Steps

You are sharing pleasantries at the start of the meeting, and everyone is proactively sharing personal anecdotes. The energy in the room is high until you veer the conversation towards work updates. Nobody speaks until you individually ask them, and the meeting productivity drastically goes down. In this article at strategy+business, Elizabeth Doty shares the steps that will enable you to increase meeting productivity.

Steps for Meeting Productivity

No matter how efficient your team members are, they feel confused when you do not give them a topic. Here is how you can boost your meeting productivity:

Start With a Subject Question

You know who is doing what in the project. So, give the team members a subject to start their conversation flow. The question should be broad enough to cover the entire project but also be specific to their task. They will find this a helpful way to begin the discussion.

Entice Brainstorming

Give them something that will help them start brainstorming. Sometimes, writing the agenda on a whiteboard or sharing the topics on a virtual forum does not help. Instead, start the conversation and let the subject sink into the participants’ minds. They will feel like asking questions soon after, and that is how you will increase meeting productivity.

Select a Suitable Discussion Format

You do not want to be the only one with a presentation deck talking endlessly throughout the meeting. That will disengage people. While small groups are effective for quick decision-making, you must have some tricks up your sleeve to work with any team size. For instance, you can plan activities for large groups to keep them engaged in an hour-long meeting.

Zero In on the Outcome

Meeting productivity elevates when you get something actionable from the discussion. Plan the outputs you want from the meeting so that you can pursue them during the session. Ensure you have received the ideas, buy-ins, support, and solutions before everyone leaves the conference room.

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