Is Project Management A Good Career Choice?

Project management may seem to be an exciting career choice for the recruits this year. The pay is unbelievably rewarding, it’s in high demand, and it allows one to work on different projects with different people. It is a career choice that enhances your personal growth, boosts your confidence, and makes you aware of the company’s ongoing projects from a monitoring point of view. However, it poses several responsibilities, uncertainty, and burdens, which sometimes can be challenging to deal with. In their article, ‘PM Tips’ talks about the negative and positive points of project management as a career choice.

Why Choose Project Management

One of the crucial reasons to choose project management as a career choice is that every day would offer something new for you. If you like challenges and taking new adventures, this might be the best job for you. In addition, experts believe that project management is one of the best training jobs to become a CEO in the future. Both the positions face similar situations; be it working in stressful circumstances, interacting with investors, or coordinating with the workforce. Working in project management also helps you sharpen your soft skills, such as communication, skills, attitudes, etc.

Why Not Choose Project Management

Apart from all the positive aspects of the job, the choice of this profession has opposing sides. For instance, some of the employees might not support you because of unknown reasons. They might doubt your abilities and purposely undermine your projects because you are responsible for the results. Project management doesn’t leave much room for creativity. Your focus is on reaching the upcoming deadlines and encouraging the team members to produce results under a stipulated timeline.

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