Is Your Company Data Safe With Employees?

KnowBe4 Research does continuous studies on the security culture of various organizations across the world. Their research indicates that the majority of the employees are not sure if they have leaked company data. It shows how companies are still failing to improve their cybersecurity protocols and plans. In this article at Intelligent CISO, Mark Bowen shares some research results. Let’s discover if your company data is safe with employees.

Company Data and Employees

Companies are relentlessly training their staff to detect suspicious emails, malicious activities, and so on. However, it seems the efforts are confusing more people than ever. 24 percent of the working professionals are doubtful if the company data they are working on is still confidential.

More Details

Kai Roer, the research firm’s managing director, remarks, “Managers have a responsibility to train their staff to treat the information they are working with in a good way. That as many as a quarter of employees are unsure about this indicates a considerable failing in many companies.”

Leaders do not want their company data to be available to their rivals, let alone threat actors. This could cause reputation loss, money drain, resource burnout, and business downtime. Meanwhile, the level of doubt among staff differs per the sector. It is 34 to 35 percent in industries like construction, education, transport, and retail. The percentage comes down to 16 percent for banking and finance professionals since they deal with confidential company data more than others sectors.

Though employees sign non-disclosure agreements when they join, the instructions are not specific enough for their understanding. Roer says, “It is the manager’s responsibility to follow up and ensure that their employees are confident in their role and know how to handle the information they encounter.”

So, one-time instruction is not enough. You must consistently have checkpoints with employees to probe their awareness about company data confidentiality and security breaches.

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