Latest Gadgets That Make Life A Lot Easier

With every passing day, technology is surprising us. We have come to expect that any day, our dreams could become reality, and would make our life easier and more fulfilling. In their latest video, Future Tech shares some life-changing gadgets as steppingstones to a technologically content lifestyle. In the wake of the pandemic, you must have experienced keeping your facemask in your handbags or pockets. Doing so gravely increases the risk of mask contamination. ‘Glouv Lite’ has designed a portable mask sanitizer that can clean your mask in a couple of minutes and make them reusable. ‘Mich Portable Washer’ is a revolutionary product that washes your clothes anywhere and anytime. You only have to pull open the lid, connect it to an electrical socket and wash your clothes with literally zero strain on your hands. This video features life-altering gadgets, from ‘Aromeo Sense,’ a combination of speaker, bedside lamp, and aroma diffuser, to Padrone Ring, a revolutionary replacement of a computer mouse that you can wear on your finger as a ring. Click on the link to watch the video.

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