Leaders, Do These to Get More Stakeholder Support

Stakeholder support is essential to holding a business together. However, most leaders prefer to enforce policies without going for a consensus. While there is no easy way to get all stakeholders on board, you can try taking some additional steps. In this article at Digital Tonto, Greg Satell shares how leaders can get more stakeholder support.

Getting Stakeholder Support

According to General Stanley McChrystal, leadership is “a complex system of relationships between leaders and followers, in a particular context, that provides meaning to its members.” To keep it short, nothing is simple as it once was. So, here are some insights from Satell to help you get more stakeholder support:

Creative Ideas take Time

You cannot have a brilliant idea from a single experience. It takes several days, months, and even years of experimentation, lessons, and brainstorming to form an innovative mindset. You need ‘discovery, engineering and transformation’ to generate any concept. Relentless networking can give you out-of-the-box ideas.

Fire Rude People

No matter how high-performing that rude resource is on your team, you need to take decisive action and remove them from the team. Not only are you affected by the person’s attitude, but it also affects team morale. If you ignore it for long, other team members might one day reject working with the person. That will be a death knell for your project.

Assess Before Making Decisions

Leaders tend to believe that their extensive knowledge makes them better decision-makers. But, it can be the other way around. It is human nature to connect the dots and go with our instincts. So, before you give in to a decision, objectively consider all the team members’ remarks and analyze the point from every angle.

Adapt to Changing Leadership Skills

Leaders in the earlier days had to track tangible assets like systems and physical assets. Today, your focus must be on people management, licenses, proprietary products, and so on. You must explain why certain things have to be done in a certain way because people want to know your decision’s logic. If you want to win stakeholder support, learn to explain your moves and decisions.

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