Life Lessons from Billionaire Jack Ma

There are several challenges that budding entrepreneurs are repetitively subjected to. Entrepreneurs are told that they don’t have money, they don’t have any path-breaking strategy or any business logistics. Jack Ma prefers to think otherwise. He believes that every critical situation is an opportunity in disguise. It is the responsibility of the leader to provide for the team when starting with a smaller business. He talks about Alibaba, saying that his primary goal was to help people around him. It was after 18 years of rigorous hard work until Alibaba became what it is today. One of the reasons Alibaba became what it is today is because of its workforce, which Jack Ma calls ‘intelligent people’. They are a diligent, motivated, and competent bunch of people who align their dreams with Alibaba. If you channel your energy and move toward your goals with tiny steps, you will fail repetitively but eventually, you will succeed.


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