Prepare a Statement of Work (SoW) Using These Tips

Without a set of tools and templates, it would be troublesome for project managers to keep track of things. A Statement of Work (SoW) is one such necessary piece of equipment. It is an agreement where the customer and the team elaborate on what should be done in the project. Clients will know the deliverables they can expect. You can even adjust project estimates and timelines based on that. Isn’t that interesting? In this article at the Digital Project Manager, discover how you can prepare a strong statement of work.

How to Create an SoW

SoW is a detailed document and a backup to state if a task is out of scope should clients deviate from the agreed-upon deliverables. Without a written statement, conflicts and project delays will occur. Here are some documents you must know about before working on a statement of work:

Scope: It is what you have written down in the statement of work. You can also call the document the scope of work.Master Service Agreement (MSA): This is a contract with a client. The document explains how transactions and agreements should take place when you are working on projects for this customer. If you are working with the client for the first time, you will need to compose this document along with the SoW.Project Charter: This document is written for project goals and results but in more detail. The charter comes in handy for more complex projects where people easily get deviated from original objectives.Request for Proposals (RFPs): Customers frame an outline of the services they want from potential vendors.  


The statement of work should have all the task details that you will deliver to a client. For instance, deliverables, timeline or milestones, best practices and procedures, detailed definition of the limitations and conditions, cost, timeframe, and billing periods.

Ideal Composition Time

Do not create an SoW when clients are still undecided. This will lead to rework. Undergo three stages of composition—rough draft, budgeting, and SoW composition. However, never create an estimate for the whole project. You can make multiple statements of work as the project progresses. Have an outline that provides clarity to your team about tasks. Explain the project’s purpose for better teamwork. Additionally, describe the expectations and limitations to the team, but in common project terms. Share the final draft with the client and the team.

Effective Implementation

Have all the SoW details available to direct the clients and team members. Feed the SoW details into the tools you work with for everyone’s easy reference.You might not have the original SoW team members in your project team. So, share the detail with your current team members. Inform them if there is any updates to the SoW.Always keep the big picture in mind because frequent changes can quickly take you out of the project scope.

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