Should Your Employees Return to Office?

In today’s digital world, organizational culture has become more important than ever. Studies have revealed that 56% of employees consider workplace culture to be more crucial than salary. However, some of the biggest concerns business leaders raised about continuing remote work are centered around company culture. Many executives believe that employees must return to the office to maintain a strong work culture. In this article at Strategy + Business, Josh Levs explains how organizations can build on the gains made from remote work.

Organizational Challenges

The challenge is that many companies fail to lay a strong foundation for remote culture.  Organizations must make active efforts to understand what the right mix of remote and in-person work is. How can enterprises overcome this challenge? Business leaders must be intentional about communicating regularly, creating virtual communications, and sharing stories. Furthermore, they must outline a clear vision and values. This can help companies build a solid remote culture.

Benefits of Remote Work

Prepares You for Future Success

Remote work is now becoming the new normal. According to studies, over 74% of chief financial officers are now planning to keep at least a part of their workforce remote even after the pandemic. Industry experts believe that the organizations that withstand the transition to remote work will be able to move past the growing pains of shifting to a whole new work model.

Builds Long-Term Relationships

When business leaders strengthen the bond among remote employees, it directly translates into better relationships, improved trust, and enhanced communication. This makes it easier for remote employees to communicate and connect with their in-office counterparts. Further, this makes the transition from remote work to an office setup smoother.

If you are planning to transition your remote workforce back to the office, you must be equipped with all the best practices to make the shift as smooth as possible. To read the original article, click on https://www.strategy-business.com/blog/Building-on-the-gains-made-from-remote-work.

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