Significance of Soft Skills for Software Developers

Gone are the days when software developers were hired only for their technical knowledge and exposure to the IT industry. In the present era of remote working, employers have high expectations of you and want more than your software development skills. In this article at Dice Insights, Nick Kolakowski elaborates on the importance of soft skills and how developers can improve them.

Get Ahead Fast

Many developers make the common mistake of highlighting only their technical skills in the resume. Indeed, it is a naive notion that technical knowledge alone can make or break your career plans. However, to land the desired role in your preferred multinational companies, emphasizing soft skills, like communication skills, can make you an eligible candidate.

Make Notes

After a couple of years of experience, start working on your soft skills if you aim to become a senior developer. As a senior, your roles and responsibilities involve guiding team members and mentoring juniors. Compassion, interaction, and collaboration are vital components of soft skills to achieve your career objectives. It helps you outshine not only within your organization but also in the industry. By communicating the necessary requirements of the workforce to draw desired results, you can grab the attention of stakeholders. As a result, even non-technical stakeholders will value your opinion.

Pay Attention

You cannot acquire soft skills overnight. So, devote time, perseverance, and have a practical approach to hone your soft skills. Avoid disappointing ideas and keep your focus intact to progress. The following tips can help you achieve your goals:

Improve your listening skills by giving adequate attention to peers and other team players.Take the opportunity of soft skills assessment and employee training.Always share feedback but be polite and use a productive approach to convey the message.Be open to suggestions and effective feedback from your managers and peers.Seek help from industry experts and mentors to improve your people management skills.Make sure your managers frequently share their feedback about your soft skills. You can request them to regularly evaluate your skills.Gather knowledge and advice to improve weak skills.

Embrace soft skills as an added advantage to accelerate your career growth. The earlier you start working on improving them, the better career prospects you would have. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://insights.dice.com/2021/07/22/which-soft-skills-do-employers-want-software-developers-to-have/ 

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