Tips to Attract Top IT Talent From the Class of 2021

The recent batch of college graduates faced unprecedented circumstances. Their education was driven by virtual classes and minimal contact with the institutional resources, including professors and classmates. In his article for the Enterprisers Project, Rajan Sethuraman shares several tips for recruiting top talent in such challenging times.

Jobs in the Time of COVID-19

Recent graduates had scant exposure to internships and networking prospects. Consequently, the hiring process might look different from pre-Covid times. It is a challenge to attract the best graduates under these circumstances. Here are a few ways to attract the best applicants:

Focus on Inter-Personal Opportunities

As per the ‘Class of 2021 Report’ from iCIMS, 88 percent of the college seniors aspire to get a job that allows them to meet their co-workers frequently and work from the office for several days a week. The graduates know that establishing professional networks might compensate for the lost time and help them in their long-term career growth.

Accept Virtual Recruitment

Remote interviews have proven advantageous to both employers and applicants. It significantly reduces the costs and intricacies of a physical job hunt. It also allows both parties to expose themselves to a broader range of possibilities. 

Acknowledge Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

The class of 2021 has been vocal about social inequality and ethnic seclusion. As per the ‘Pew Research Center’ survey, 62 percent of the Gen Z members believe that ethnic diversity is good for society.

Moreover, the organizations should ensure the long-term development and growth of their employees, so they remain loyal and put their best effort and interest into the company.

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