Tips to Facilitate an Effective CIO Change

The IT field is aggressively modernizing the work industry. Organizations are dependent on their technical divisions for swift action and problem-solving initiatives, which is why technology leadership should stay on top of the game. In an article published on CIODIVE, the team discusses why organizations should safeguard consistency when planning for a CIO transformation.

Foresee the Change

A CIO is the key figure of an organization who can navigate the challenging technical and business fronts with utmost ease. However, there are times when a long-serving CIO is about to retire or considering new job offers. Companies that excel at executive transition should foresee the change. Organizations should also try to identify prospective options for successors, making sure the key projects function smoothly during the changeover.

Cultivate a Background of Leadership

Larry Bonfante, Founder and CEO of ‘CIO Bench Coach,’ asserts that organizations should continually strengthen leadership qualities across the management team to sustain top-level turnover when it occurs. And to be on par with that, CIO leaders should start brainstorming the potential successors a couple of years in advance.

Proxy Experience

Bonfante also recommends that the company allow the successor to serve as a proxy CIO for ongoing initiatives. It helps the stakeholders to see the successor in a leadership role. It also enables the potential CIO to get a better understanding of the critical situations, which makes their decision-making skills sharper and more professional as time passes.

As per the data published by ‘SIM,’ 4 out of 5 organizations preferred external candidates to fill out the CIO roles in 2020. However, experts say that choosing a candidate within the company proved to be better. Those candidates are already aware of the organization’s requirements, goals, and responsibilities beforehand along with the existing work culture that plays an essential role.

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