Tips to Find the Best CIO for Your Company

Does your growing business need a chief information officer (CIO)? Once you have decided to hire a CIO, it is important to know what to look for in a CIO. When you are not sure what skills to evaluate, finding the right CIO might seem challenging. In this article at Forbes, Michael Panarella explains some crucial factors to consider while hiring a CIO.

Tips for Finding CIO Candidates

CIOs manage a complex mix of issues for your company, such as data security, collaboration with marketing and production teams, and protection from data breaches. Therefore, when hiring a CIO, you must look for someone that understands your culture and customers just like they understand technology. They must:

Understand Your Culture

Besides in-depth technical knowledge, CIO candidates must also possess exceptional soft skills. A great CIO will talk to staff from every department to understand their day-to-day work. Implementing strategic technical solutions must be about alignment and culture rather than IT. Furthermore, there must be staff buy-ins. CIOs must listen to the employees and provide technical solutions to help them efficiently execute their work.

Know Your Customers

Customer satisfaction is critical for business growth. However, CIOs often overlook this area. CIOs must ask:

What are customers asking for or complaining about?What is the value of change?

If CIOs are not considering customer satisfaction, they cannot make good technology decisions. Remember, you are not hiring a CIO to provide mere IT solutions. Instead, you are hiring them to provide customer solutions, drive business growth, and provide a competitive advantage.

Put People First

CIOs must understand your staff and customers. Therefore, the candidates for this role must prioritize ongoing communication and transparency. Further, they must also understand that employees, stakeholders, and clients are at the center of everything you do.

To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinessdevelopmentcouncil/2021/07/16/how-to-hire-the-right-chief-information-officer/?sh=6fbd749818f7.

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