Tips to Improve ‘Virtual Body Appearance’

The ongoing pandemic has brought drastic changes in the world for both better and worse. Likewise, business meetings have also experienced a major difference and become wide-reaching and resourceful. In her article for Association for Project Management, Rima Evans provides a few tips to excel in ‘virtual body language’ and thrive in the professional space.

Virtual Office is Here to Stay

With a digital workspace, organizations can hold multiple rounds of interviews, assignments, and meetings at any time from any place. However, contributing to a meeting as you sit in the room alone can make you feel detached. You might try too hard to communicate your thoughts or seem lost during group discussions.

Establish a Connection

Take a couple of minutes to have some social conversation with other attendees to relax and get comfortable in each other’s presence. Ensure the cameras are turned on so that it accentuates the visual aspect of communication and reduces multitasking. It also enables the team to perceive each other’s body language and work coherently.

Keep Meetings Brief

Virtual meetings can run longer than allotted as participants take too long to explain their points. It can exhaust the participants and reduce the crucial time of getting the agenda accomplished. Let the attendees know the time limit for each meeting, so they use their time wisely.

Don’t Hear; Listen

There is a subtle yet decisive difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is what our brain does when we ignore the voices in our surroundings. Listening is the act of paying attention to a sound. Make sure you listen to your coworkers and affirm the fact that you’re listening.

Furthermore, make sure you don’t abuse the mute button to go for a personal call or run a personal errand. Observe the participants’ behavior, encourage the introverts, and balance speaking, listening, and reflecting.

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