Values Determine Leadership, Not Gender

Do men make better leaders than women? Or do women make better leaders than men? The ability, decisiveness, skills, and the right attitude do not favor any gender. However, recent research commissioned by the Young Women’s Trust reported that one in five women believe that gender inequality still exists in their workplace. One in 10 men believes that men make better managers than women. In this article at People Management, Kate Cooper explains why gender does not play a crucial role in leadership roles.

Factors Undermining Effective Leadership

What characteristics define a leader? Industry experts have identified five dimensions of outstanding leadership—vision, authenticity, collaboration, ownership, and achievement. Great leaders are honest, inspirational, committed, and grounded in the organization’s core values. They also delegate with the right sense of pride, and they tend to be optimistic in their approach.

According to Trust in Leaders research, female managers are more trusted than their male counterparts. Some behaviors traditionally associated with female managers—the willingness to consult, collaborate, and be more risk-averse—create higher levels of trust. “Trust flourishes in a safe, friendly, relationship-oriented culture, and 21st-century leaders need such positive emotions to help them solve complex problems and foster cooperative relationships,” says Cooper. Furthermore, a workplace with positive emotions like curiosity, confidence, and inspiration makes employees more resourceful, resilient, and motivated. Positive work culture is conducive for innovation and creativity to flourish. However, a manager’s gender does not determine the efficacy of such an environment.

What Gender is Leadership?

Leadership is truly genderless. Great leadership demands effort, focus, and relentless self-development. Value-based leadership, at its core, will have positivity and empowerment. These characteristics are intrinsically and inherently gender-neutral. In other words, values determine leadership, not gender.

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