Want to Be a Project Manager? Here’s How to Do It

You have gathered enough experience and accolades for your work, and now it is time to move up. Are you aiming to become a project manager? Apart from the impressive pay hike, you will also earn the deserved respect and responsibilities. In this Association for Project Management article, Dave Waller shares how you can move up the corporate ladder as a project manager.

Becoming a Project Manager

After you have acquired the majority of the skills, the next move is to impart your knowledge and help your teammates. This means you no longer need supervision to do the junior-level tasks. However, a project manager shoulders several responsibilities, so you must prepare for the role in advance. Here are some tips to become a proactive project manager:

Choose Consistent Projects

You must have observed how to manage challenges, but earlier, you had someone to give direction. So, ensure that you choose projects that do not have too many issues and are consistent with deliveries. You want your first project to be a success, right?

Understand Expectations

A project manager must understand what is expected from the team and the role. Keep asking questions until you discover what you must be doing. Acquire the knowledge, talents, and capabilities you must display to get the trust of project stakeholders.

Assess Yourself

Discover where you lag. Is it your soft skills or specific project-related skills? If you are the project manager, people will ask for solutions. You must have the ability to help them out. Find out what your principles are and your strengths and weaknesses.

Create a Roadmap

If you want to be a project manager, you have to take the time to add more skills to your arsenal. Instead of feeling burdened by more tasks, analyze how you can be more efficient. You must enjoy your role and newly acquired influence.

Build a Trust Circle

You cannot work alone as a project manager. You need people to trust your leadership skills and instincts. Create a trust circle with influential stakeholders that will believe in your efforts. Their support is necessary to get senior management buy-ins moving forward.

Highlight Yourself

Are you not used to highlighting your skills and achievements? As a project manager, you must proactively update your resume because you alone can showcase what you are doing. Otherwise, higher management will not know the hard work you are doing to produce consistent deliverables.

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