Will Reopening Offices Put an End to C-Suite Woes?

Many countries are beginning to lift lockdowns, due to which some organizations have fixed dates to reopen offices. Indeed, the idea seems incredulous, but the C-Suite executives are pushing it. Will it reduce work pressure? Certainly not. In this article at IT Brief, Shannon Williams explains why senior executives are demanding back-to-office working.

A Myth or a Fact?

According to the Outlook for the Post-Covid Workplace research by Barco Clickshare, business leaders are initiating employee surveys and voting in favor of office reopening. The research uncovered some emerging trends. For instance, C-Suite executives cannot ignore employee safety and other positive aspects of the hybrid workplace. Offices will reduce their daily burden of virtual calls. The return-to-office strategy will increase employee productivity that they lost due to frequent virtual meetings.

The research report also declares that over half of the remote workforce is willing to rejoin the office. About 92 percent of survey respondents believed that offices would resume operation by June 2021. They now wished to work less at home than before.

Feasibility Check

Per the Barco Meeting Barometer, remote employees were overburdened by virtual meetings. About 54 percent of distributed workers believe virtual collaboration is not appropriate. So, they look for genuine peer engagement, and that is possible only through face-to-face interactions.

The inclination of organizations towards hybrid working may not resolve employees’ or employers’ problems. The actual scenario is far from reflecting the digital data available on the internet.

Virtual meetings are not always feasible. Factors like changing market conditions, client requirements, and other factors impact the nature of discussions. Office-based meetings are essential for high engagement, critical decisions, problem-solving, and maintaining client relationships.

Anticipated Outcomes

In the present scenario of work from anywhere, laptops have become the support systems for companies. About 69 percent of employees use them for virtual meetings. Nonetheless, some people complain of weak IT infrastructure, which is why they are willing to rejoin the office.

Almost 39 percent of remote workers believe their organization lacks the digital arrangements necessary for hybrid collaboration.

ANZ managing director Claudio Cardile asserts that meetings are the lifeblood of businesses because they encourage teamwork and innovation. So, to address the growing woes of employers and employees, revamping your hybrid working model is the ideal solution. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://itbrief.co.nz/story/c-suite-pushing-for-back-to-office-as-people-struggle-with-overload-of-virtual-meetings

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