Are Office Spaces a Thing of the Past?

As the pandemic forced employees to work from home, modern organizations and industries have observed a shift in the working environment. It has brought a sense of adjustment across all hierarchies and departments. The companies have become more understanding and accepting of remote work and flexible working hours. With the ongoing pandemic, we have witnessed an unprecedented change, and the future seems equally unpredictable. In her article for ‘CIO Insight,’ Amelia Johnson talks about futuristic workspaces and how they affect industries.

Empowering Freelancers

Working from home has quite a few advantages. From saving time, energy, and money to being in your personal space, all these factors improve your professional productivity. Many professionals have gotten used to these benefits, and several companies would certainly encourage the habit. For freelancers, the situation has drastically improved. They can contribute to different companies, depending on their interests and workforce models.

Transforming Workspaces

Many companies plan to bring a proportion of the workforce back to encourage the rest of the employees to get things back to normal. Quite a few companies are offering flexible working hours that employees can choose per their needs. Several organizations have already or are planning to make the significant shift of fully digitizing their business. Furthermore, many companies are considering the idea of permanent remote work if any employee’s physical presence is not required.

Encouraging Co-working Spaces

When the expectation that the workforce will return to previous office spaces after the pandemic loses its importance, experts believe it is possible to acknowledge and encourage co-working spaces. It would help the employees to work in a quasi-professional environment, where you can also connect with different people from diverse backgrounds and learn about various industries.

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