Are You Ready for a Cultural Change?

Change is an inevitable part of every workplace. Accepting change in the work culture is the most challenging thing for an employee. Not all employees readily adapt to organizational or project changes. To make the changes simple to implement, companies must address employee concerns. In this article at APM, James Elliott shares some tips for adapting to cultural change in projects.

How Should You Embrace Change?

Overcome Resistance

As an employee, understand the new culture with an open mind and willingly accept things. Accept the changes and accordingly work towards achieving project goals. “Two-way communication is your best friend when working to break that resistance,” says Elliott. Organizations must create platforms for employees to ask questions, no matter how big or small. Such initiatives will make employees feel valued.

Change Your Thought Process

Being flexible and adaptable in the workplace always pays in the long run. According to studies, frustration and depression are well-documented phases of the change curve. It is crucial to be firm and consistent with the changes you have made. Commit to changes while being open to learning and adapting.

Maintain a Sense of Community

Managers must ensure that their employees know the company values and believe in them. If there is a two-way trust between employees and their managers, it creates a good foundation for embracing change. Rewarding and recognizing employees’ contributions can also maintain a sense of community. Employers must remember that failures and mistakes are inevitable when companies implement changes. Therefore, managers must allow employees to try new things.

As a project professional, you must remember cultural change is a long and highly emotional journey. To adapt to change, you must give yourself time, be flexible, work with an open mind, and develop alternate plans. To read the original article, click on https://www.apm.org.uk/blog/three-tips-for-adapting-to-cultural-change-projects/.

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