Can Vulnerability Enhance Your Leadership?

Leadership is an amalgamation of different character attributes. It requires humility, patience, perseverance, and a lot more. Many people believe that vulnerability is a risk to leadership skills and should not exist in a leader’s frame of mind. However, April Koh, co-founder and CEO of a mental health startup Spring Health avows that her personal experiences with mental health issues motivated her to examine the vulnerability attribute further. While in conversation with Sam Bernstein, cofounder of a startup called Table 22, she stated that the pandemic had instilled anxiety and depression in the larger section of society. During that challenging time, her vulnerability as a person and a leader helped her strengthen her leadership skills. Bernstein adds that there are two ways to practice your leadership, one is with your arms crossed, and the other is with your arms wide open. The crossed arms are a more defensive style of leading, whereas the wide-open arms suggest a more inclusive and humble way of leading the company by example.

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