Cloud Adoption: Security Basics You Must Know

Modern businesses are investing more heavily in the cloud than ever before. While the cloud provides many business benefits, such as flexibility, agility, and scalability, it also puts organizations at risk. Cyberattacks continue to make organizations vulnerable. Therefore, moving your IT infrastructure and services to cloud environments demands a different approach than traditional deployments. In this article at InformationWeek, Lisa Morgan explains some cloud security basics that every CIO and CTO must know.

Understanding Cloud Risks

Go Beyond the Security Basics

As a CIO, you must know the cloud security basics before migrating to the new environment. However, basic cloud services include only fundamental security that can be substantially short for enterprise requirements. Industry experts believe that CIOs and CTOs must consider the hygiene around the cloud. It is essential to establish a team of cybersecurity experts that can assist with planning, evaluating, and monitoring your cloud migration. Furthermore, they will also help you establish the necessary controls to mitigate potential risks.

Identify Misconfigurations

Cloud misconfigurations will undoubtedly make your organizations vulnerable to cyber threats. Get visibility into configuration and environment. Many businesses procure their cloud services from third-party vendors. Often, their IT departments are unaware of the same. Experts recommend organizations utilize a cloud access security broker (CASB) to achieve visibility into the cloud accounts used across the enterprise.

Remember, the Cloud Is Not Always Secure

Often, tech professionals believe that cloud environments are inherently secure. However, there have been debates about whether the cloud is more secure than data centers or the other way around. “Highly regulated companies tend to control their most sensitive data and assets from within their data centers and have moved the less-critical data and workloads to the cloud,” says explains Morgan.

If you consider a complete cloud migration or want to leverage the benefits of using a hybrid deployment, you must understand the entire threat landscape. Are you curious to learn more about cyber risks associated with the cloud? Click on https://www.informationweek.com/cloud/cloud-security-basics-cios-and-ctos-should-know/a/d-id/1341578 to read the original article.

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