Common Leadership Myths You Must Know

Traditional leadership methods are no longer effective. Today, employees are looking to make a difference and feel like they matter in the larger scheme of things. With workforces spread out, the need for creating leaders at every level of the organization is crucial. However, people view a leader as someone decisive, smart, and outgoing. In this article at Lab Manager, Sherri L. Bassner shares a few most common myths about leadership.

Debunking Myths

Leaders are Only at the Top

“It is true that most organizational charts show the leader at the top of the page with ever-expanding layers of employees reporting upwards. The reality is that the leader’s success is wholly dependent on the work of those within the organization he leads,” says Bassner. Leadership is multidimensional. Experts believe that leadership is more about facilitation than power. A leader’s responsibilities lie in setting direction and strategy, providing the right working condition and materials, and ensuring all employees have the training and tools required for successful project execution.

Leadership is About Management

Another common myth about leadership is that leaders are often great managers. There are significant distinctions between leadership and management. Here are the differences:

Leaders create a vision; managers establish goals.Managers avoid risk and problems, while leaders are risk-takers.Managers build systems. However, leaders construct relationships.Leaders focus on the bigger picture while managers work on short-term goals.Leaders coach. On the other hand, managers assign tasks and provide guidance.

Leaders Must Always Be ‘On’

There is a misconception that leaders must be available 24/7. However, regardless of position, every employee needs a break from work. Even leaders need time away that will help them de-stress. This will help them to be energized, focused, and a creative leader.

Leadership realities are different from common myths. It is an acquired set of skills that are attainable by anyone. As a leader, you must know your limitations to best exercise the power within your purview. To read the original article, click on https://www.labmanager.com/leadership-and-staffing/common-myths-about-leadership-debunked-25949.

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