Effective Leadership Skills You Need in the Digital Age

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the leadership requirements. Earlier, business leaders had to rapidly decide how to operate with their staff working from remote locations. They also had to identify ways to reintroduce employees back into the workplace and maintain customer relationships. Today, leaders are expected to keep pace with a new set of competencies required to lead in the digital age. So, what is the new generation expecting from their leaders? How might these skills be different from traditional competencies? In this article at Inc., Bert E. Miller explains the leadership skills required in the age of technology.

Essential Digital Leadership Skills

Learning and Relearning

Adaptability remains the best bet for leaders in the current business scenario. With digital disruption on the rise, adaptive leaders must understand the importance of being relevant in the game and keep their learning curve steady. Leaders must continuously learn new workflow behaviors to understand business in today’s digital world. Additionally, they must also return to the basics, relearn and start afresh with a new approach.


“A leader needs to provide their team with the right resources and direction, which means understanding everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to assign roles accordingly,” says Miller. AI’s disruption to every industry has demanded business leaders to keep up with the change. – So, they must also continue to make critical decisions using newly available technologies. Leaders must now embrace the change and motivate their teams to quickly adapt by developing new skills.


It is integral to employ a team that cohesively operates. To create such a collaborative environment, leaders must possess strong communication skills. Additionally, they must be outgoing, compassionate, and have digital understanding. 

In this technology-driven world, how leaders lead people will make a critical difference. Leaders in this new age must inspire, engage, and lead with optimism. To read the original article, click on https://www.inc.com/inc-masters/leadership-skills-in-the-age-of-technology.html.

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