Enhancing Your Leadership Skills in the Pandemic World

Imagine a situation when you received a forwarded joke in your company group that you found funny. You forward it to other employees to get some chuckles and build a friendly rapport with them. Still, as the cycle continues, it comes across to an employee who finds it offensive and complains about it to the higher authorities. You get called in as they think you are the originator or an active participant in propagating that ideology. How would that indicate your leadership quality? Not too well, as most people would think. In his article for ‘The Enterprisers Project,’ Onyeka Nchege talks about ways to improve your IT leadership in a post-pandemic world and things you should prevent to accentuate it.

The Power of Listening

Most IT leaders believe that leadership is about leading by example and giving advice. Both aspects are not entirely wrong. However, leaders fail to understand that leadership is more about acknowledging the problems and resolving them. For that, you need to be an excellent listener. It would be best to be a good observer and a curious individual who aspires to understand the situation and acts on it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Leading in the Post-Pandemic World

When the workforce operated in a professional workspace, it was easier to notice the problems and resolve them. With remote working, leading a team has become somewhat trickier. You divide your attention while attending a meeting and try to multitask, which might improve the quantity of the work accomplished but impacts the rapport amongst the employees. You should focus on being present in the moment, give undivided attention to your colleagues, and take care to avoid mistakes like not switching off your video or putting yourself on mute during a conference call.

The pandemic has taught us to be more receptive to other peoples’ behaviors and opinions. At times, it can be challenging to understand their view and impart wisdom to them. But people don’t want to be instructed or given advice at all times. Sometimes, they only want to be heard, and giving them a sense that you understand makes all the difference.

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