Here Are Some Time Management Tips for CIOs

Most CIOs have to simultaneously accomplish several priorities. So, they must be running around attending meetings, creating presentation decks, brainstorming to prepare for the next tech big bang, and manage people. While some have taken time shortage as a perpetual crisis faced in the job, it creates productivity loss for the IT leaders. In this article at CIO Insight, Frank Petersmark shares time management tips for CIOs.

Time Management for CIO Success

IT teams are mostly dealing with emergencies, so CIOs must learn how to cope with time long before they take up the role. Here are some time management tips that IT leaders should embrace:

Plan to Prioritize

You will have various stakeholders insisting that you get their project out of the door. However, as one of the time management tips, IT leaders should think about the big picture instead of going for smaller wins. Create a roadmap to provide visibility about the milestones and projects you will deliver. Include both short-term and long-term goals in the delivery model.

Your plan should be feasible for all departments such as management, accounting, and technology. After that, you must link the priorities to fulfill the strategic goals of the company. “Done right, this plan becomes the North Star for your IT activities,” says Petersmark. 

Interact to Implement

Communicate the plan to the concerned departments or units through meetings with the board of directors for better time management. It should be an open forum where all can participate and provide opinions. Make sure influential stakeholders do not derail the plan by adding irrelevant requirements to it. You must clearly explain how the project intends to achieve corporate goals and your stakeholders’ expectations.

Assign Accountability

To make the plan work, you must assign responsibilities to people that are up for the task. You must have a strong band of people that will work as a single unit and have the singular motivation to make the plan a success. Delegate some of your tasks to the team members that can manage work without your regular intervention. These people should help you with time management and assist you in overseeing the entire operation.

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