How AI is Leading Digital Transformation

Several aspects should be simultaneously developed to enhance the digital transformation of an enterprise. Automation, efficiency, and customer experience are usually kept at the center of digital transformation projects. Digital automation initially began with the help of manual scripting but has advanced with low-to-no code in the modern world. What do such digital transformations say about the future? Is artificial intelligence competent to deal with futuristic challenges? In her article for ‘Information Week,’ Lisa Morgan shares some valuable insights on artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of businesses.

AI Automation and Its Possibilities

Nicola Morini Bianzino, chief global technology officer at EY, states that the opportunities to nurture AI automation are massively increasing. Still, the technology is not up to the mark. He also mentions that few organizations have used the automation benefits to increase productivity, keeping the futuristic prospect in mind. When you get obstructed at a point in the digital transformation of AI automation, many businesses think an immediate solution is to get rid of the problem. However, the correct way to resolve the issue focuses on a quick tactical fix and strategic ideas.

Sewing with a Sword

It is essential for technology that people use the right tools for the right job. Many people believe that AI will solve most of the technical problems in the future. Well, it could, but you cannot completely trust its efficiency. Certain aspects require various tools to be fixed. You cannot sew with a sword. Even if you try, doing so will create more problems than it solves.

Working as a collective endeavor goes a long way in the automation process. Many business leaders found they can improve productivity and employee satisfaction by involving them in redesigning their tasks.

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