How Can CIOs Guide Leaders Within an Organization?

Organizations have now realized the importance of their technology leaders post the COVID-19 outbreak. Technology is integral to maintaining daily operations and is no longer confined to tech start-ups or tech companies. A CIO’s role is much more than just keeping the system functioning. CIOs are now expected to guide and mentor leaders to embrace digital transformation. In this article at EnterpriseTalk, Umme Sutarwala shares how CIOs can effectively take responsibility for coaching their leaders.

Ways to Boost Organizational Success

Allow Leaders to Drive the Agenda

Experts believe that leaders within the organization must drive structure and cadence. This makes it easier for CIOs to guide the leaders because they can offer a lot of valuable input. Secondly, the relationship would not be productive if only the CIOs led the conversation. CIOs can successfully guide leaders only when leaders channel their effort into getting things scheduled and working through agendas.

Encourage Leaders to Speak Up

CIOs must have faith in their game plans. Furthermore, they must actively listen to others and encourage different perspectives to fill in the gaps. “Having an ecosystem of diverse, trusted partners with outside insight that informs one’s own is important for building successful organizations,” says Sutarwala. CIOs must shift away from pure technology and focus on clients and business.

Have a Mission in Mind

Industry experts believe that mentoring is just as much about purpose, mission, and values as it is about hard skills. CIOs must be evangelists for their organizations and their culture. To achieve this, CIOs must understand the goals and possible outcomes. They must ensure every initiative is in sync with the company’s overall business strategy. Additionally, the initiatives must also enhance customer experiences through innovation, investment, and inclusiveness.

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