How Chatbots Can Benefit Your Business Growth

According to a recent Tidio survey, 52 percent of customers use chatbots mainly to reply to common inquiries. Interestingly, 18 percent are prone to asking these virtual agents irrelevant questions, and 12 percent prefer them to human customer care staff. A Juniper Research study reveals businesses save $0.70 for every customer interaction with chatbots. In this article at IT Brief, Ryan Morris-Reade shares how these virtual agents can help your business grow.

Chatbots and Business Development

Accenture also researched conversation AI tools. The team discovered that 57 percent of businesses had a better revenue stream when they used chatbots. Additionally, the Tidio report confirmed that 73 percent of visitors might convert to long-term customers if they get satisfactory answers for ‘unrelated questions’. The report also indicates that 53 percent of customers prefer chatbots that have witty responses. Only 38 percent of consumers have a positive experience with ‘robotic replies’.

What’s More?

Your chatbots should not be burdened with bugs and not repeat the same answers, per the Tidio report. 47 percent of the respondents closed their chat window when they received the same response twice from the virtual agents. However, 28 percent were willing to give a benefit of the doubt once the chatbots clarified themselves. So, your brand reputation will improve if customers are happy with the virtual agents’ personalities. “People are inclined to use chatbots with human-like characteristics more often,” the study mentions. Customers feel ‘seen and important’.

91 percent of the customers liked the idea of interacting with chatbots that would serve as company mascots. Interestingly, 74 percent of the respondents wanted the chatbots to introduce themselves. 74 percent wanted first to understand the service options the virtual agents can aid customers with.

Over 50 percent of the respondents were mainly between the age demographic of 25 to 40. 26 percent were between 41 to 56, and 7 percent were between ages 18 to 24.

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