How Is AI Transforming the IT Service Desk?

Digital transformation is a reality for many organizations looking to maximize their growth. The limitations of human-driven IT service management (ITSM) are becoming increasingly evident. According to studies, half of all medium to large enterprises utilized AI-powered chatbots in the workplace by 2020. So, how can AI take over the mundane and repetitive tasks while the employees switch to more creative ones? In this article at Android Headlines, Yackulic Khristopher explains the benefits of using an AI service desk.

Advantages of AI in Service Desk

Why Is It Worth Investing?

An organization’s reputation strongly depends on its problem-solving capabilities. “The AI for IT service desk facilitates customer churn prevention since it minimizes the number of unsolved problems,” explains Khristopher. Furthermore, an AI-enabled service desk accumulates customer-related data in one place. This makes it easier for IT teams to focus on areas that demand improvisation and optimization.

Will It Impact IT Support Operations?

Often, IT support managers and their teams question whether AI will remove their IT service desk roles. Remember, AI enhances existing human capabilities rather than replacing specific IT support positions. Additionally, the implementation of AI for automating processes and improving workflows brings a broad scope of opportunities.

How Does AI Handle Tickets?

When there is a significant ticket backlog, it can be hours or even days before a ticket is sent to the correct team or subject matter expert for action. Meanwhile, customers might lose their productivity while waiting for the ticket resolution. Automated ticket handling by AI can:

Provide instant feedback on what the agent might do next by identifying related problems, changes, and incidents.Suggest groups or teams based on what worked most successfully in the past.

Whether it is a familiar issue or a new one requiring human intervention, the entire process is faster without the human bottleneck of manual routing.

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