How to Attain Perfect Leadership Skills

Most project leaders are confused as they don’t know how to approach their leadership skills and implement them to bring out the best in their team. One way to hone your leadership skills is by instilling an individualistic approach for every team member in any given situation at any point in time. If you can make your team members feel valued, they will try to give their best, and it will be a great help to your business. In her article for the ‘Association for Project Management,’ Susanne Madsen talks about ways to improve your leadership skills.

The Dual Nature of Leadership

It is common for team leaders to be unsure if they should approach a situation with humble guidance or rigid command. Pragmatically, a team leader should go for a healthy combination of both elements. You should support your team, show trust in them, and listen to their concerns while setting high-performance standards.

Empower and Challenge

A team leader should understand what drives their team members and what particular help they need to excel in their operations. Like two sides of our brain that focus on pragmatic and emotional aspects, a team leader should explore both the character traits to bring out the best in every team member. 

Iron Hand in Velvet Glove

If you do not give your team the space, security, and confidence to do their work, you might generate a lot of stress in the group, which would hamper progress in the long run. If you give them too much freedom, there is a chance that some of them might take advantage of it, and the work would suffer anyway. To avoid both situations, you should be like an iron hand clad in a velvet glove. Enable the team and provide discipline so they can do better for themselves and the company.

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