How to Build a Skilled Post-Pandemic Workforce

The Covid-19 workforce has initiated the remote working module and many drastic business changes in the last year. Organizations are now looking for a diverse and skilled workforce that can contribute their best abilities to the business. However, the pandemic has cultivated the demand for several essential skills that companies expect from the applicants. With leadership abilities, critical thinking, and project management skills, companies are also asking for technologically sound employees that have good communication skills. In their article, McKinsey & Company authors share several ways to build a skilled workforce.

Increasing Demand for Social and Emotional Skills 

As per their survey, McKinsey & Co. estimates that the demand for emotional and social skills will increase by 25 percent in the United States by the next decade, compared to the expected rise of 18 percent. In addition to social and emotional skills, companies should also focus on nurturing an environment of continuous learning. When the pandemic approached, leaders were caught off guard because they did not know how to operate in that situation. In response to the current situation, leaders must think of the next step for the organization’s future and workforce.

Usage of Skills Hub

Many enterprises have created a ‘skill hub’ to manage, scale and efficiently use them. It is considered to be a permanent business unit, which is responsible for managing the supply and demand of skills. A telecom company, for example, reskilled and redeployed employees whose responsibilities were affected by technology. Similarly, helping out the technological or mechanical divisions with reskilling has become an essential and efficient aspect of skills redevelopment. Companies are investing in the workforce because they have realized that skills can be learned and developed. What is expected from the workforce is the intent to learn and perform well.

Click on the link to read the full article: https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/organization/our-insights/three-keys-to-building-a-more-skilled-postpandemic-workforce

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