How to Improve Collaboration Between Teams

Collaboration has become one of the most widely used words in the modern business arena. It helps people with different interests and skills to work together and produce something collectively. Many professionals feel confused when they think of collaborating with other people, teams, or organizations. Sophie Danby, in her article for ‘ITSM Tools,’ shares how professionals can enhance their collaboration skills within and between groups.

Acknowledge and Identify

Patrick Bolger, Chief Evangelist at ‘Hornbill,’ asserts that if you want to improve the workforce collaboration within broader IT operations, you should plan to reduce the pressure between members and appreciate self-service cooperation. You should acknowledge the problems obstructing the collaborative process and identify that leadership is an integral part of a collaborative process.

Share Skills

Rob England, managing director at ‘Two Hills Ltd.,’ shares that teams should practice cross-training to sharpen their skillset and learn a new skill. One group should offer a specific skill, and the other team should provide something different to help the other section professionally. It proves to be a great exercise to promote mutual awareness and confidence.

Aim for a Common Goal

Liliana Gary, CEO at ‘InvGate,’ professes that team leaders should develop a coherent workplace where different teams can contribute with their specific skillsets. The team leader’s responsibility is that every individual or the team feels connected, contextual, and comfortable. Explain what the company aspires to achieve and determine ways to make the collaboration as effective as possible.

Cultivate an Idea-Sharing Culture

Enterprises should nurture a judgment-free environment where employees can share their ideas, question the process out of curiosity, and explore new ways of doing things without being obstructed or reprimanded.

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