Is Project Management Too Complicated?

From the outside, project management seems easy. Many assume that it is just knowing what must be done and ensuring every aspect of any complex project moves at the right time. Project management provides an all-inclusive solution to manage, coordinate, and standardize an organization’s portfolio. However, project management will undoubtedly be in danger if managers believe people are not crucial to project success. In this Association for Project Management article, Sara Verbruggen explains how project management has become too complicated for its own good.

What Do Studies Say?

“A PwC study of over 10,640 projects found that just 2.5 percent of companies completed 100 percent of their projects successfully. The rest either failed to meet some of their original targets or missed the original budget or deadlines,” says Verbruggen. Another study by IBM revealed that only 40 percent of projects meet their three key goals—quality, schedule, and budget. Here are various other factors that complicate the project management methodology.

Limited Tools and Techniques

Often, project professionals limit themselves to a set of tools and techniques. Many studies have indicated that companies with high project failure rates always use project management software. According to industry experts, project professionals and managers must stop assuming that projects succeed only with better software and training. What then must leaders and organizations focus on? Achieving project management success is possible only with employees. Hence, you must nurture employees that plan and execute technology projects.

Experts advise that project management responsibilities must be distributed based on employees’ project experience, collaboration skills, leadership abilities, and soft skills. Furthermore, enterprises must establish project management as part of their organizational culture.

Soft Skills

Good project leaders must possess multiple skills such as problem-solving abilities, listening skills, budget management, team management, and more. Therefore, organizations must recognize and value good project managers.

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