Leaders, Do Your Trust Your Teams?

Building trust in the workplace is crucial for any professional relationship. Much is discussed about trust and its importance in determining employee engagement, team alignment, and task delegation. To create a workplace environment in which trust flourishes, you must understand how it works. In this article at Rothman Consulting Group, Johanna Rothman explains how leaders must trust their teams and people to do their best job.

Trust: The Foundation of Empowerment

Teams Cannot Choose Boards

Often management—not the teams—chooses standard Scrum boards for Agile teams. Why are managers always selecting the ‘standard’ board or ‘standard metrics’? “Because the teams are not empowered. Managers do not trust the teams to do their work,” says Rothman. One of the significant challenges with business leaders is that they expect teams to be Agile, even if an Agile approach is wrong for their teams.

Teams Cannot Choose Their Approach

As a leader, you must remember that Agile approaches require cultural change. The Agile approach that you establish affects both projects and your organization. If your team cannot choose its board or project method, you do not have empowered team members.

Who Makes Team Decisions?

To empower your teams, you must trust them. Provide them with the autonomy to make most of their decisions without a manager. Allow them to:

Select the tools and how they want to use themDecide who they want on their team

Give your team the administrative permissions to use the tools the way they want to. Also, provide them the right training. Once they realize that you are serious about trusting them, you will undoubtedly see improvement in their performance.

As a leader, you must never forget to reduce micromanagement. Experts suggest managers and leaders work on the system, not the work itself. To read the original article, click on https://www.jrothman.com/mpd/2021/07/leadership-tip-11-substitute-the-word-trust-for-empower/.

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