Nurture Talent in Your Project Management Team

Project management is an integral unit of business execution. To keep its operational function smooth and efficient, project managers ensure that plans are executed in the stipulated time and within budget. Additionally, they also identify the risks involved in a specific project and come up with ways to resolve them. There was a time when project managers were employed in construction and engineering professions. However, many organizations have acknowledged their significance in driving an efficient team forward. In her article for ‘Associations for Project Management,’ Olivia wood shares several tips to attract and nurture top talent for your project management team.

Create a Progressive Structure

Many industry professionals quit their jobs in search of a better one. The word ‘better’ is subjective in its usage. However, a recent survey suggests 82% of employees would quit their jobs for one that provides them with a better future prospect. To attract and retain top talent, organizations need to focus on their employees’ professional growth and development. Conducting training and certification courses are some of the ways to develop employees’ skills.

Offer Comfortable Working Choices

Soon after the pandemic came into the picture, remote work started as a compulsion but now has become globally acceptable. A survey by EY states that 90% of the participants wanted flexibility in their work, and 54% of the respondents have thought of quitting their job if they were not offered post-pandemic work flexibility. Companies should understand that if the employees can work in a comfortable space, their efficiency will increase, and they will contribute in a better way.

Another way to attract top talent is a simple application process. Make optimal use of recruitment technology to improve the application process and candidate experience. For interviews, you should approach the candidates with individualized questions based on their field of interest and conclude the interview with a feedback session.

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