Phishing: Tips to Protect Your Employees and Organizations

Phishing attacks continue to play a dominant role in the digital threat landscape. Digital fraudsters show no signs of slowing down their phishing activity. Furthermore, the rise of phishing attacks poses a significant threat to all organizations. Therefore, enterprises must learn how to identify the most common phishing scams to protect their sensitive information and data. In this article at TechRepublic, Brandon Vigliarolo shares the staggering statistics of phishing attacks and explains that proper training helps in reducing the vulnerability to such attacks.

What Do Various Statistics Say?

One in three untrained users is likely to fall for phishing or social engineering scams.Experts predict six billion phishing attacks to occur throughout 2022.Threat actors are so sophisticated that nearly 97% of employees cannot identify a phishing scam.Studies have revealed that one in every 99 emails is a phishing attack.Close to 25% of emails sneak into Office 365.Statistics reveal that the open rate of phishing messages is nearly 30%.More than 71% of targeted attacks involve the use of spear phishing.

How to Defend Your Organization

To protect your business from phishing, you must understand the threat. Why would threat actors target your business? What sensitive information or data do you hold? What financial transactions do you perform that cybercriminals could try to get their hands on? According to cybersecurity training company KnowBe4, organizations must focus on improving cybersecurity by prioritizing security in emails and non-security training. Constantly reminding employees of the importance of security makes it an unforgettable part of the job.

In addition, employee training is crucial. Phishing simulation allows you to see how your employees perform when faced with a real-world scenario. Furthermore, simulations enable your employees to witness how easy it is to fall for a phishing email. It is highly effective at raising awareness.

To read the original article, click on https://www.techrepublic.com/article/warning-1-in-3-employees-are-likely-to-fall-for-a-phishing-scam/.

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