PM Methodology: Which One Is the Best for Your Projects?

There are numerous project management approaches for project managers. The list includes a wide range of methodologies—traditional, modern, process-based, and hybrid. More options have made it difficult for project managers to select the right method for their projects. In this article at The Digital Project Manager, Ben Aston explains the popular project management methodologies and helps you choose the right approach.

Should You Adhere to a Single Methodology?

According to studies, nearly 89% of project professionals said their organizations implemented hybrid project management practices. “In today’s project management world, forward-thinking managers and leaders do not adhere to a single methodology—they become well-versed in many of them and learn how to mesh together various practices to accommodate whatever the project calls for,” says Aston.

How to Choose the Right Approach

While selecting the best project management methodology, you must:

Identify the variables that are crucial for your projectEvaluate the methodologies for each project variableDiscover the best fit by evaluating the risk factors and processes of each approachDetermine the metrics that will be affected by each methodology

Factors to Consider

One of the core reasons behind every project failure is the wrong selection of project management methodology. However, organizations often overlook the issue and blame the project team or manager. Here are some factors you must consider before choosing any project management methodology:

Project timelineProject budgetProject complexityResource requirementsStakeholder requirements

What Is the Best Methodology?

There is no right or wrong methodology. It depends on your client, team, project, and stakeholders. So, there is no one-size-fits-all method that works for all business types, sizes, or industries. Therefore, you must invest time and effort in choosing the right project management methodology for your context.

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