Project Managers, Do You Have These Leadership Skills?

Project management has become an integral part of modern business operations. Organizations rely on project managers to evaluate projects and ensure that they comply with their objectives. Therefore, project managers must be visionary leaders and empower teams to work toward the company’s shared vision. Also, project leaders are often held accountable for project delivery, monitoring, and maintaining their team’s efficiency. In this article at GirlsGuideToPPM, Elizabeth Harrin explains a leader’s role in project management.

Project Leaders vs. Project Managers

Before you understand the leadership skills required for project management, you must know the difference between leadership and management. Experts say project management skills help you manage work, while leadership skills help you lead the team. “The project will demand your management skills of problem-solving operational issues, focusing on the bottom-line, making sure systems and structures are in place for things to happen,” explains Harrin. However, your team demands you possess leadership skills too. Your critical thinking abilities will help you direct the team. Remember, as a project manager, you are both managing and leading your team.

Here are some top leadership skills for project managers:

Visionary Leadership

Employees are purpose-driven. When they understand project goals and objectives, they tend to be more productive. Therefore, as a project manager, you must clearly describe the vision and the common goal you want to achieve. You must inspire and engage your team members to achieve the shared goals.

Communication and Negotiation

A project manager invests much time in meetings, discussions, and reviews for clients, team management, and other reporting bodies. Therefore, a successful project manager must possess excellent communication skills. Additionally, negotiation is another critical project management skill that wins contracts.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable among team members. Effective leaders must be armed with conflict resolution strategies to proactively identify and handle conflict before it escalates into an issue for the team.

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