Project Managers, Have You Made These Decisions Yet?

In project management, managers make decisions on a daily basis. Most decisions are crucial and can lead to a project’s success or failure. The project manager’s decisions may improve the team’s motivation or an organization’s work environment. Therefore, managers must make unbiased and rational decisions. In this article at The Digital Project Manager, Nuala Turner shares some of the best decisions project managers made regarding planning, budget, and process decisions.

Best Decisions by Project Managers

Face-to-Face Interviews

Team members often feel that project managers set inflexible and unrealistic deadlines. Project managers believed that conducting interviews with each team member to listen to the project pain point helped them identify fixable issues. Face-to-face meetings helped project managers to build trust and transparency among team members.


Engaging team members in actively developing timelines and processes enabled project managers to have greater buy-in. Project manager Karen Chong explained, “I found that my team greatly embraces a process that they largely came up with since it was developed with their needs in mindthey were the ones who came up with it.” Such initiatives allowed managers to improve process efficiency.


Establishing rules of engagement among the project teams is critical to bring alignment to goals. Transparency and communication go a long way in creating a strong relationship. Many managers believed that project leadership calls for clear communication about responsibility, performance, expectations, and feedback. 

Why Does It Matter?

The decisions mentioned above are made daily or even multiple times a day. Best decisions help project managers overcome constraints such as scope creep, time and budget overruns, and even resource shortages. As a project manager, these practices will also give you an idea about which team members require training to improve their skills. Furthermore, the decisions will also help you cohesively organize the project.

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