Saying No to ‘Yes Men’

It is common in business surroundings to find yourself encircled with people that do not critically analyze your decisions. They agree with everything that you say or do. It might be a great feeling to be widely accepted and held in high regard by colleagues and subordinates, but it gravely affects your skills and mindset in the long run. In his article for ‘Tech Republic,’ Patrick Gray shares how a team of ‘yes-men’ can jeopardize your professional thinking and growth and how you can get rid of them.

Working in a Challenging Team

It is often said that you can never learn something new from a person that agrees with you. It would be best if you tried to work with a diverse team and understand their perceptions. With such teams, it is a win-win situation for everyone. When you are in conversation with people that challenge your thinking, it makes you realize the flaws with your product or ideas and enables you to comprehend the subject in a better way.

Resolving the Situation

People might think that one of the most effective ways to deal with the ‘yes-men’ is replacing them with critical contributors. Well, not entirely. Leaders usually cultivate the group of ‘yes-men.’ It is the leader’s behavior and professional advancements that alleviate the scope of critical analysis and exchange of honest opinions. A leader in such a situation should ask the trusted team members to convey their honest opinions. Encourage respectful and conflict-focused discussions. Make your team believe that you are in favor of them speaking their minds.

It may take time for your team to realize that things have changed, but they will start responding accordingly. The sooner you create an open and interactive environment, the better results it will yield for you and the business.

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