Time to Revamp Your Leadership Style? See These Tips

Whether you have been a leader for years or have just started as one, you must have an inherent leadership style. So, there must be some pages in your career that you wish to revisit and change your decision or action. While you cannot turn back time, you can definitely not repeat the same mistakes. In his blog article, Art Petty shares how you can revamp your leadership style.

Change in Leadership Style

There are certain things you must imbibe while you have to discard others. For instance, you can be more receptive to feedback. You should focus more on delivering value rather than timely deliveries. Here are some additional ways you can improve your leadership style:

Lost Trust

Leaders that take credit for others’ hard work do not get back the trust once lost. No matter how many training sessions or management certificates they attain, this trait will never disappear.


It is not possible to be objective while judging yourself. However, here are some questions you can ask yourself for a fair assessment of your leadership style:

Do your team members work as a unit or spend time gossiping behind each other’s back?Does the overall team performance shoot up after having one-on-one sessions with you? Are the teammates ideating more often?Can team members provide feedback to you as freely as you do to them? Are team members open to evaluating each other’s performance?Do the teammates have common team goals as well as personal goals?Are resources eager to join your team or are the existing ones ready to leave the first chance they get?How do you evaluate team performance?Do you think that people respect you or your position? Have you been respectful with them in return?

Help from the Team

Your team members are the best people to let you know where your leadership style is counterproductive. Once you receive their feedback, ask them to help you out to straighten the rough edges. This will make them feel heard, and they will feel more engaged.

Best Time to Reset

Change is good when made at the right time. So, you must know when you must revamp your leadership style. For instance, the time is ripe when you are promoted from a line manager to the manager of other line managers. Promotion to a C-suite role can also be a good reason for the revamp. When the organization is changing, or you think it is time you move up the corporate ladder, you change your leadership style. Or the update can be your simple desire to be a better leader.

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