Ways to Enhance Your Leadership and Well-being Skills

The ongoing pandemic has taught us that life is fragile, and we should prioritize the health and well-being of ourselves and the people around us. People have lost their loved ones, suffered a huge financial and psychological setback, and our existence is still uncertain in the wake of this pandemic. During an in-depth conversation between McKinsey’s senior partners Manish Chopra and Ryan Davies with Bill George, we get to know how to nurture our well-being, how to save it, and strengthen it on our terms.

Are Leadership and Well-Being Connected? 

Bill George asserts that leaders should adapt to the era they are in. If they don’t, it might take a toll on their professional and personal life. As a leader, you strive to inspire people around you, and through them, you must keep yourself uplifted. This can work better if you help them be their authentic self, where they can share their ideas, feel comfortable with the workspace, and do their personal best. 

Does Meditation Help?

As John Donne had said, “No man is an island,” which seems relevant in the business world, where many ideas are a copy of the copy. You might fall in the same pit, where your ideas lack originality, and you are trying to meet your deadlines with the topmost priority. A meditation practice can help you clear your mind and perceive things with a richer perspective. Meditation provides a sense of upliftment, which is essential to tackle the shortcomings of the business. Meditation helps you be content and prepares you for the battles coming forth.

How Does the Office Community Help?

Every office serves as an inclusive community. Co-workers need to check on their colleagues and build a friendly relationship with them. If you start your professional relationships with basic humanity and treat people with respect, you can improve the ambiance of the workspace.

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