Ways to Retain and Foster Top Talent

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way organizations functioned before. Covid-19 has transformed the global workforce in several ways. It has compelled many employees to quit their jobs while others were let go by their organizations. However, there are specific reasons why good employees usually leave. In his article for ‘CIO Insight,’ Kent Barnett shares his views on the changing workforce scenario.

Enabling Work-Life Balance

As the pandemic changed workforce operations globally, ‘work from home’ became a household term. Many organizations began to accept it as the new normal. However, many companies wanted to bring their employees back to the office when the curve flattened. Nevertheless, the companies that have allowed their personnel to continue remote work have observed increased employee productivity.

Valuing the Employees   

A lot of employees that were let go by the companies faced severe financial problems. On the contrary, employees that the company kept had to take up more responsibilities or risk losing their job. Many organizations did not do much to secure their employees’ futures. They did not give them financial and psychological aid either. Companies should cherish their employees who stayed loyal and contributed their best during the pandemic.

The way employees have started working has transformed far more swiftly than the organizations can adjust. Before the pandemic, organizations had established ways to execute different job responsibilities. However, as Covid-19 reached a global scale, the companies had to implement unprecedented changes, and there has been no stopping since. Businesses must nurture their employees to empower the business in the long run and improve its goodwill.

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