Will AI Take Away Your Job? Find Out

Artificial intelligence (AI) has dramatically improved the world in many ways. However, there are concerns regarding its impact on IT jobs and the workforce. As automation and technology lower costs and increases efficiency, many professionals predict that millions of professionals will be unemployed in the following decades. In this article at InformationWeek, John Edwards explains how AI will impact IT jobs.

Sectors that Will Be Impacted

Much like automated responses, organizations could replace human support interaction with computer-generated responses that offer better solutions to technology issues. “Automated AI systems can now be designed to directly communicate with end-users to troubleshoot a problem,” says Edwards. Today, data scientists and computer science professionals are implementing advanced machine learning technology to offer more efficient customer responses. In fact, advanced technologies can assess conversations and apply solutions by analyzing conversation patterns.

Contrary to popular belief, AI will change the landscape of opportunities rather than taking away jobs.

Why Is It Crucial to Stay Relevant?

Many junior IT professionals feel threatened by the emerging AI technologies. They must remember that there is still a huge demand for multiple IT jobs. For instance, if a professional’s job is mostly data entry that an AI agent can replace, the employee can consider database administration as a possible career opportunity. Industry experts suggest IT professionals must challenge themselves to learn, explore, and upskill.

How to Get Ready

Many mundane roles and jobs will undoubtedly become less relevant and eventually obsolete. However, AI will empower humans to handle complex and critical situations that demand judgment and creative thinking in most cases. For instance, there will be a need for highly skilled professionals to oversee and manage complex AI systems while ensuring their security, objectivity, and integrity.

AI’s impact on the workplace, the future of work, and global domination is hard to assess. Rather than resisting AI, employees must embrace it to avoid the inevitable growing pains. To read the original article, click on https://www.informationweek.com/team-building-and-staffing/how-ai-will-change-it-jobs.

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