A Guide to Make an Affordable Team Board

It is essential that you have a team board to track project development. You can even reshuffle, reassign, and prioritize based on changing requirements. However, your project is not left with enough money to afford a team board. How do you get an inexpensive one? In her blog article, Johanna Rothman shares tips to help make an affordable team board.

Tips for a Team Board

There are several tickets or product backlog items you need to assign. But you do not know who to assign to them. Everyone already seems busy with tasks. So, you must thrust the task on someone at random. A paper team board has very little space to place your cards. So, you must be creative. The board saves the team from being overburdened with work. Additionally, boards allow you can easily move the cards from one column to the other. Here is how you can make an affordable team board without putting a dent in your project budget:


Placing the Board: You must have the team board up on the wall for greater visibility for the entire crew. Make columns based on the stages of your team’s product development life cycle, such as prepare, ready, in progress, testing, and done. If it is a management team, you will need a different set of phases such as priority backlog, issue evaluation, dependencies, risk handling, after-dev decisions, roadblocked items, and done.Literal Representatives: Get magnets or pushpins large enough to glue a headshot of the person accountable for the tasks. If you want a team member to do more than one assignment, customize the pushpins accordingly.Virtual Assignment: In a virtual meet-up, have someone write down the backlog items on 3-by-5-inch cards and put them on the team board.

Have Shared Documentation

Sometimes, a paper team board can limit your team’s ability or workflow. You can also use a spreadsheet to share the tasks with everyone. If you are working in a remote work setup, a spreadsheet can be helpful. Format it to have clear visibility of roles and responsibilities.

Remote Workflow Mapping

Get a camera and mount it in a way that the team members can clearly see the team board while you are presenting it. Someone else can do the moving around, while the team manager can direct the team along.

Resultant Costs

A paper team board would cost around $50 to $100. Depending on the number of new items you are working on, you need post-its, pushpin cards, and pen markers. Sometimes, your team members would want to add more to the board like cycle time, columns for roadblocked items, and so on.

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