Are Companies Leading AR and VR Technology?

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are leading the technological sphere at an unprecedented rate. They have been breaking through with new advancements and transforming the concept of viewing and innovatively experiencing technology. In his article for Information Age, Aaron Hurst talks about several leading AR and VR companies extensively managing the market.

Futuristic Approach

Augmented reality and virtual reality have also changed professional training models, remote working, and on-site work processes. Moreover, they are helping leaders to explain their business models’ goals and targets to employees as well as clients.

Bricks and Goggles

Bricks and Goggles is an organization based in the construction sphere. It helps consumers transform building designs into a 3D VR ambiance that allows users to better understand the project. Besides, it helps developers discover possible flaws more efficiently. Talking about its design application, the 3D VR ambiance created by Bricks and Goggles is compatible with RHINO, SketchUp, ArchiCad, and Revit. The company offers the options of choosing between Oculus and HTC Vive VR solutions for a better experience.

Fracture Reality

Fracture reality, a partner of Microsoft, is a leading company that has managed Join XR, an online meeting and cooperation platform for engineering and data-oriented consumers. The platform facilitates cloud interpretation to the users along with wide-ranging options to conduct holographic conferences and delivering presentations.   

Holosphere VR

Holosphere VR is an immersive reality company that aspires to make a global impact in the sphere of virtual reality, augmented reality, and spatial 3D projection. The enterprise focuses on ‘Room Scale VR,’ where the user can substantially move in the virtually created ambiance. The services provided by Holosphere VR are compatible with Oculus, Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and Unreal Engine.

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