Are Project Leaders and Task Managers Different?

Many people still get confused between the roles and responsibilities of project leaders and task managers. The duties of one are often carried out by the other and vice versa. Many project managers take care of the administrative responsibilities right from the beginning, which is considered completely normal. Several companies believe that task managers are supposed to monitor the project and micromanage the team. Instead, the job of the task manager is to look at the bigger picture and analyze the process by predicting the challenges before they appear. In his article for DPM, Galen Low talks about the roles and responsibilities of task managers and how they can enhance their performance.

Misguided Opinions

It is a common perception that task managers are often considered to be the ones that take care of the jobs that anyone can manage. Be it clearing up after a meeting or reminding the team of the approaching deadlines, these small elements begin to define the duties of task managers. Before they know it, their roles are widened into an unwelcoming array of acutely irrelevant duties.

Understanding the Job

It is essential to understand the ideas and work culture that resonates with the profession of a task manager. Low asserts that task managers are the specialists at managing risks, communications, value, opportunities, procedures, expense, and time. He believes that the most crucial aspect of a task manager’s job is to proactively look into the future and prepare the team for upcoming challenges.

Finding the Balance

One of the ways to redefine your duties as a project manager is by taking a step back and getting a closer look at your responsibilities and how you are helping the organization. Low states that there are three ways to better understand your duties by delegating, systematizing, and prioritizing your work.

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