Can Nudging Make an Organization Inclusive?

The need to provide a familiarizing and comforting work atmosphere has become more crucial than ever. Many enterprises struggle to maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce and work environment. There are times when a well-educated individual can unknowingly say or do something far from the concept of inclusivity. Similarly, an employee can exhibit excellent inclusive skills but fails to properly handle a situation when it is needed the most. In their article for McKinsey & Co., Julia Sperling Magro, Andi Almond, and Maura Fitzgerald share their views on nudging and how it has become a widespread practice to amplify inclusivity in organizations.

What Are Inclusion Nudges?

Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler recently published their insights in ‘Nudge: The Final Edition,’ defining inclusion nudges as short, frequent, and thoughtful prompts. These prompts are results of profound research, and they help employees stimulate inclusive behavior among themselves and make it stick. For instance, in a nudge called ‘Be somebody’s best advocate,’ you should appreciate your teammates’ behavior or work, even when they are not present. It can be done by a simple note of appreciation or affirming their style of work.

How to Improve Nudging

Many organizations use nudging as a medium to the organizational cultural shift. If your enterprise is thinking of giving it a try, make sure to use those behaviors to nudge that are supported by detailed research. Furthermore, it will be better if the nudging resonates with the employee’s personal experience. As far as the mode of nudging is concerned, make use of craft messaging that is concise and involving. It is good to compose a message written in accordance with the organization’s context. It is preferred to stimulate an emotional response from employees to help them develop a sense of commitment and perform even better.

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