Can VPNs Optimize the Security Game?

The pandemic has changed the professional sphere to a great extent, and remote work will expand in the coming years. One of the things that the pandemic has taught is the fact that it is essential to adapt to changes and be aware of technological changes. Consequently, cybersecurity is at a greater risk than it was before the pandemic. To counter that, companies are reassessing their business and security models so that they can prevent cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity professionals primarily use VPNs to establish secure remote endpoints with an organization’s home network. However, experts believe that there are new ways to safeguard business security more efficiently. In his article for TechRepublic, Michael Kassner talks about VPNs, their future, and different security tactics prevalent today.

Complex Endpoint Management

Automox’s 2021 State of IT Operations survey states that the lack of feasibility is because of complex arrangements and management of remote endpoints. Jay Prassl, founder and CEO of Automox, mentions that many employees use IT tools that do not collaborate with the changing security demands. To counter that, it is essential for companies to actively discuss the arrangement of a long-term remote security strategy. Organizations tend to have blind faith in VPNs, but they fail to realize that the endpoints are one of the most insecure points.

VPN Replacements

Cloud-native solutions have gained popularity to a certain extent lately. To prevent companies from the unending spiral of VPNs, cloud-native solutions provide comparatively better scalability, real-time visibility, and better control over distributed IT environments. Furthermore, companies could implement cloud-based patch management, mobile device management (MDM), endpoint encryption, and secure email gateways. These technologies enable simplified and easier deployment of cloud-based solutions to the remote workforce. They also help companies in improving visibility, control, and safeguarding the networks and devices remotely.

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