Continuous Learning Habits for IT Career Growth

The IT industry is advancing in leaps and bounds, and it will move faster each day. In fact, no other sector has undergone such rapid changes than IT. So, IT professionals must imbibe continuous learning habits to stay relevant and employable. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Sachin Gupta shares three continuous learning habits for IT career growth.

Embracing Continuous Learning Habits

You must gain knowledge every day and learn about industry trends. This will facilitate not only your career growth but also help your company to capture new business opportunities. Your multi-level skills can make you an asset to the company. Here are the continuous learning habits to grow your IT career:

New Learning Prospects

Organizations are no longer hell-bent on hiring people with college degrees. “Companies are moving toward skill-based hiring rather than pedigree hiring,” says Gupta. They have understood that people with continuous learning habits are the real gems behind business growth. They are also availing several e-learning options to upskill employees.

Industry Knowledge

Jobs are evolving, and so are the roles. Do not stagnate your learning curve once you are hired. Your continuous learning habits should include studying the new trends in your job industry. Employers prefer candidates that have this learning aptitude. Subscribe to relevant sites and knowledge communities to get alerts for new editions or conferences. It can be for specific knowledge or a general update.

Interactions with Experts

One of the continuous learning habits is to have an open mind and learn from others. The mentor does not necessarily have to be a leader. You can learn from your teammates as well and improve your day-to-day productivity. Platforms like Reddit, GitHub, and StackOverflow are good portals to directly communicate with industry experts and leaders.

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