Do Multiple Interviews Drive Away Candidates?

Precisely how many rounds of job interviews have you undergone for your current role? 3-4 is the most common answer, but how will you react to 5 or 6 rounds? Will you be just as interested in joining the company? Probably not! In this article at BBC, Mark Johanson elaborates on the consequences of conducting multiple rounds of job interviews. After making it to the second or even third round, candidates feel motivated, but after that, they lose interest.

Far-Fetched Positions

Some organizations are taking advantage of the global pandemic to test candidates’ patience. After losing their job due to the worldwide outbreak, some candidates appeared for multiple job interviews to get a suitable pay package. However, they faced postponement in hiring right after the final round of interviews. After appearing for several rounds, some candidates heard about the position being closed through internal promotion. Such negligent acts of stalling the real information defame the human resources division.

Social Media Menace

Many skilled professionals voiced their experience on social media platforms like LinkedIn to spread awareness among fellow jobseekers. Indeed, not all candidates have the courage to challenge recruiters on social media platforms. However, if your actions are causing trouble to jobhunters, they will resort to negative campaigning on social media. As a result, top talent will move to your competitors. Furthermore, you will lose your brand reputation. So, be reasonable and find rational ways to test candidates’ potential in bare minimum rounds of interviews.

Streamlined Action

Top sectors, including IT, finance, and energy, are known for their grueling recruitment process. Under the present work conditions, employers must find a way to streamline the hiring process. It will provide you with an advantage in the ever-competitive job market.

Interview fatigue influences both parties. So, follow McDonald’s suggestion of being honest with candidates. Explain why you are conducting additional rounds of interviews. Furthermore, if you plan to reject them, tactfully share your reasons for not hiring them.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20210727-the-rise-of-never-ending-job-interviews

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